Release Notes

Jet Lag App 1.3

Update 17-10-2012

  • Improved: iPhone 5 & iOS 6 support!
  • Improved: Longstay algorithm.
  • Improved: Timezone management.
  • Fixed: Bug fixes.

Jet Lag App 1.2

Update 06-09-2012

  • Improved: New user friendly airport results.
  • Improved: Improved feedback options.
  • Improved: Simpler, more easy to follow instructions.
  • Improved: Spread of instructions.
  • Improved: Export to calendar feature.
  • Fixed: Issue where results past 12 AM would remain the same date.
  • Fixed: Issues that asked flight attendants to sleep in flight.
  • Fixed: Some other minor bug fixes.

Jetlag App 1.1

Update 21-06-2012

  • New feature: Flight attendant mode has been added for users that fly really far for a short amount of time.
  • Update: New results UI gives users better results that are easier to understand.
  • Update: The “How to use this App” page has been updated with more information.

Jet Lag App 1.0

Release 01-06-2012
  • Release: 1 Juni 2012 on the App Store.