Jet Lag Facts

What is jet lag?

Jet lag is the result of your biological clock not being synced with the timezone you’re currently in. This is caused by rapid travel between timezones. Due to this disruption jet lag sufferers will often feel tired or hungry at odd hours of the day.

What should I do if I have jet lag?

The Jetlag App can help before or after suffering from a jet lag. The app calculates how you can alter your sleeping patterns to ensure that your biological clock gets synced to the current timezone as quickly as possible. This will result in you feeling less tired and more alert during the day.

How do I get jet lag?

Jet lag occurs when you rapidly travel across multiple timezones. This causes your biological rhythm to go off sync with the destination time. This can cause symptoms like sleeplessness and tiredness. You might also get hungry at odd hours get headaches and on some occasions even feel mild depression.

How to avoid jet lag?

Altering your sleeping patterns before or after crossing multiple timezones has been shown to greatly reduce jet lag. The Jetlag App calculates how you can best alter your sleeping patterns by analyzing your trip and giving you the best advice on how to alter your sleeping patterns.