About Jet Lag

What is jet lag?

Jet lag is a collective name for symptoms that occur when rapidly crossing multiple time zones. Because you travel across multiple timezones your biological clock is no longer synced with the timezone at your destination. The more timezones you cross, the worse the jet lag symptoms will be. These symptoms include insomnia, loss of appetite, mild depression and dehydration. The greater the amount of timezones you cross the greater the chance will be that you will suffer from some or all of these symptoms. Suffering these symptoms could result in losing one or more days of your holiday.

What should I do if I feel jet lagged?

Jetlag App offers the solution to reduce the symptoms of jet lag to a minimum. With the help of arrival and departure times of locations, Jetlag App calculates a schedule that helps you alter your sleeping patterns by suggesting times to sleep, wake and drink. The calculated diagram of the Jetlag App can be easily exported to your digital calendar. The application helps to restore your biological rhythm and adapt to the destination timezone more quickly. In addition, the Jetlag App has some great tips to get more fun out of the holidays.

What causes jet lag?

Jet lag is the phenomenon that occurs when your biorhythm, also known as the biological clock, gets out of sync compared to the time at the place where you are traveling to. Jet lag occurs when traveling west or east. On short flights there will be less jet lag, but the flight can still cause tiredness and disorientation. Jetlag App’s unique short stay algorithm helps combat the symptoms of jet lag on these short flights.

How can jet lag be avoided?

Jet lag is a phenomenon that can be minimized with the use of the Jetlag App, so you at least suffer from sleep problems, feelings of hunger, disorientation and discomfort. On long flights, it is important that you are prepared on a large time difference between countries and that you are present in a light or dark environment at the right moments. Furthermore, the adjustment of the rhythm will be made easier by use of melatonin. This can be obtained on prescription from your personal general practitioner.